Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"My Faraway Friend - Julie"

This is my faraway friend - Julie...she lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. I appreciate her and love her very much. I don't get the chance to talk with her a lot, but I admire her and love her. She is special to me. This is her husband Curtis. God bless you ....I love you Julie!!!
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Monday, November 14, 2005

How Cold Is It...You Ask?

Lindsay is shown here at the Roanoke 2005 FNB Soccer Tournament....she told her Daddy that it was so cold, she couldn't feel her toes!!! Guess that is cold!!!
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"Yes Sir...She's My Baby"

Roanoke 2005 FNB Star Cup
Ain't She Purty???
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Roanoke 2005 FNB Tournament

"My Goalie-Lins" Posted by Picasa

Roanoke 2005 FNB Tournament

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Hello Moon....Again...and Again!!!

This is the Moon on Sunday night....absolutely Beautiful!!!
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The Moon & Venus

The Moon & Venus on Saturday night....Venus is the little spec of light (no that's not dust on your computer monitor) .... to the right of the Moon!
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Hello Moon....Again!!!

This is another photo of the Moon & Venus on Saturday night... Venus is the white dot to the right of the Moon! Posted by Picasa

Lindsay Shayne Castevens 11/6/2005

My Baby Doll!!!
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Pretty Is As Pretty Does

I think my husband has said that to me a dozen times...."Pretty is as pretty does". And knowing how self flesh is...a lot of times it is not pretty!!! My daughter Lindsay is pretty to the eye...as you can see. She has a lot of natural beauty. She is a beauty inside as well. She likes to have her picture taken. She will strike a pose lots of time for the camera Dad. And he likes to take her picture. But really it is what is inside that counts. And I can tell you that this child is a loving child and she is a beauty to look at...and I pray that I get many, many years to look at her. Thank you Lord for your blessing bestowed upon me.....Karen

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Can't You Just See The Love?

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You can just see the love between these girls. I think when you have a team, you bond with them and clearly...that has happened here. When Lindsay first came to know this team, they had asked us to play with them in Roanoke, Virginia in a challenge tournament. This bond was in sight as soon as we got there. They all made Lindsay feel like she was part...and the feeling of that LOVE is just THERE!!! Thanks guys!!!! WE LOVE YOU TOO!!!

Is She Really Going To Do A Header???

Here goes Lindsay getting ready to "Head" the ball that is coming at her in this photo. She was positioning herself for just that when this ball was coming at her. She is definitely not afraid of the ball. Now mind you...if this were me, I'd be running the other way!!! Go Lindsay!!!