Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ready...Set....Keep your eyes on the Goal!!!!

Okay...I write about Lindsay alot....can't help it!!! I love to think about her, and talk about her. I enjoy her. I love to watch her determination when it comes to being good at something.....no matter what it is....she is going to be on top or die trying!!! This photo is of her going to the goal with a eye on the ball and the goal in view.....but it didn't happen and I could see her disappointment when it didn't. She, as a matter of fact, didn't make a goal at this game. And it was okay....for me, maybe not for HER!!!! Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 27, 2006

What a Son!!!

When it comes to kids, this one takes the trophy!!! I love all my children, but Kasey is so humbled. He is always trying to make his parents happy....no matter what. He loves everyone too. He always tries to see the silver lining behind everyone and every situation....sometimes that doesn't exist. He works at Kentucky Derby Hosiery in the dye house, plus is still working at Food Lion when they need him. I wish he could find someone to care for him the way he deserves. And when it comes to friends, he is always there for them. I don't know anybody like him - probably won't know anyone else like him. What blessed parents we are for having him as a son....thanks Kasey!!! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"Isn't She Lovely - Our Jen"

Kasey seems to have found love.....with Jennifer. Okay...I'll admit, as a mother it is hard to let go of your son. He is just always been there for me. I often tell of the times that I felt as if the world was crashing in, or falling apart, wars and rumors of wars, and there was this little man...my son, Kasey. He would wipe away my tears, put the smile back on my face, and bring the sunshine out with a rainbow. He is my son. It is hard to let go. I am trying. I know he needs space too, but tis' hard!!! Then with letting go...comes welcome....Welcome Jennifer. I love you and look forward to our future years together.......as family.Kasey & Jennifer

There's Nothing Like Family

There is nothing like Family! This is a photo that was taken back in the 1940-1950's. It is a birthday celebration of my great-grandmother Belle Puckett, and she is the one holding the 2 cakes. The young lady on the far left is my mother, Mary Emillie Goins Easter.I like old photos because you can see the closeness of the families way back then. It just isn't like that anymore. I don't know what happened. I know people move on and so forth, but I don't think that connection of close-knit is there any longer. I am a firm believer in strong family ties. I think you do what you can to be as close as you can, but sometimes you try and try ...and some people just don't want that closeness. I think it is the same with God. He gives you that opportunity to love him, receive him...and then he breaks that fellowship with people who won't follow him and his word. I know when I do wrong, he tells me and gives me the chance to make things right...and if I do, then he lets me know I have done what is right, but if I don't...he breaks that bond I have with him until I do the right thing. Kind of like the same bond you have with your parents...they teach you the way...and if you choose the wrong path...there is a break of that bond. I know...for I too have broken that bond before....and it isn't the path I want to take any longer. Thank you God for loving me even when I do things wrong!!Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 20, 2006

USS Ronald Reagan

Here is another photo of the USS RONALD REAGAN......Go USA!!! Posted by Picasa

USS Ronald Reagan

Recently I became pen-pals with a few people on board the USS Ronald Reagan. This is my first experience in emailing service men/women. I am just astonished with what all they have to do. I am also amazed at how someone can just up and leave their family and serve us....Americans. I am totally so proud of them. I can't believe it. I am learning so much about them and I love each and everyone who writes to me. I am very proud to know each and every one of them.
Here is a photo of the USS RONALD REAGAN.... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fancy Gap Tree Farm

Here is another photo taken at a Fancy Gap Tree Farm by Barry Towe -
absolutely gorgeous!!!
2/11/2006 Posted by Picasa

Birds Eye View

Ever wondered what it would be like to look at problems and situations from another point of view? I obviously have. I try and put myself in someone elses' shoes. It is hard sometimes to know exactly what someone is thinking unless you are there yourself. Sometimes I want just that - a "Birds Eye View". I want to look at my same situations and know what I don't see. I want it so bad that sometimes I wonder if when I die, will I be able to view things here on earth. Sometimes I think I have just dreamed that same situation. Is this just me, or am I just crazy?
Either way................
I guess it really don't matter!!! KPhoto taken on the latest snow date of: 2/11/2006 Posted by Picasa