Tuesday, February 21, 2006

There's Nothing Like Family

There is nothing like Family! This is a photo that was taken back in the 1940-1950's. It is a birthday celebration of my great-grandmother Belle Puckett, and she is the one holding the 2 cakes. The young lady on the far left is my mother, Mary Emillie Goins Easter.I like old photos because you can see the closeness of the families way back then. It just isn't like that anymore. I don't know what happened. I know people move on and so forth, but I don't think that connection of close-knit is there any longer. I am a firm believer in strong family ties. I think you do what you can to be as close as you can, but sometimes you try and try ...and some people just don't want that closeness. I think it is the same with God. He gives you that opportunity to love him, receive him...and then he breaks that fellowship with people who won't follow him and his word. I know when I do wrong, he tells me and gives me the chance to make things right...and if I do, then he lets me know I have done what is right, but if I don't...he breaks that bond I have with him until I do the right thing. Kind of like the same bond you have with your parents...they teach you the way...and if you choose the wrong path...there is a break of that bond. I know...for I too have broken that bond before....and it isn't the path I want to take any longer. Thank you God for loving me even when I do things wrong!!Posted by Picasa

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Pia said...

i love looking at my grandma's old photos too. it makes me feel like i'm actually there and it gets me to think how it's like to be in that time. i love it. =)