Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hello Mr. Moon

Hello Mr. Moon...It was 6:45AM and here is the moon. This was made on Sunday morning. I told Shane I wanted to make a picture of the moon, and he obliged me. He is a pretty incrediable husband. I ask him to do strange things sometimes, like this photo for instance. I said just open the sliding door on the side of the Montana and make it...and here it is. I was amazed at the photos that the Columbia took while they were orbiting the earth. Would I go to the moon you might ask? No, probably not. I don't like to be that far away, but I am surely interested in what God has made for us to explore. And I want to intake all that my brain will hold....thanks God!!
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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The "Son" still shines, even when the clouds are in the way!!!

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Here is another photo of the sun shining thru the clouds. Isn't God amazing? Amen

Thru the clouds, seeing the "Son"

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This past Saturday, I was in Winston-Salem watching my daughter Lindsay play soccer when I got sick with heat exhaustion. I don't remember too much about the last game. I made photos that I can't recall. Well, on the way home I was terrible sick on my stomach, not to mention upset with myself for letting me get this way. I rode in the back of the Montana, lying on my side looking to the back of the vehicle, once in a while looking up and out the window. I cried and cried most of the way home. I was in the pity-party mode. When we got close to Pilot-Mountain I saw that it was raining. I got my camera out and made some photos of this passing storm. I watched as the sun just kept on shining through the clouds. And remember, I was on a pity party!!! I thought of how Jesus shines through all the tough times in our lives. He never stops shining. He is "ever present" through the storms. All we need to do is call upon him, and he is there. I don't call upon him enough. I try to solve my problems by myself through worldly ways, and as my pastor said last night, all we need to do is fall down and humble ourselves before him. It is not unusal to try to solve our own problems, and serve our own purpose. I'll be the first to raise my hand and say I do that. I need to depend on God, not myself. I need to be dependent on him, and seek him for the answer. I need to let the "Son" shine in...right? Good day!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Just "Too Tired"

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This is my nephew Adam. He plays hard. He goes and goes and goes. I tell him he is like a Timex watch, of course he don't know what that is. He is only 2 years old. He is a mess. I love him so, so much. But anyway, when you're so tired that you fall asleep standing up...then you are "Too Tired". Maybe too tired to care about laying down! He is my baby. Of course the photos I am choosing to show to when he was "Too Tired". And that is "Tired"!!!!

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

View of Pilot Mountain from US 52-Scenic Overlook. Beautiful shot!! Posted by Picasa
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This is Mount Pilot (Pilot Mountain) as it is so commonly called on "The Andy Griffith Show". Andy, more than a half dozen times, refers to Mount Pilot on his show. It is approximately 4-5 miles south of Mount Airy (Mayberry). It is a wonderful beauty, as most nature is. If ever anyone gets to take a trip to this mountain, go. It is definitely worth the trip... Just ask Andy!!!