Sunday, June 18, 2006


What a photo!!! This is one of "cousins". They love to be around each other...why? Because they love each other. They enjoy having time together and this is one of those moments. It is a "Kodak Moment". Can't you just tell they are enjoying this photo? I have one that I will share of them when they were last up on the Blue Ridge Parkway at Cumberland Knob in this same spot. It is a good family!!! I love you guys!!! We sure do have lots of fun.....
Kasey, Haskell, Anthony, Lindsay, Adam & Amanda
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Show "your Daddy" some Love!!!

When it comes to love, Lindsay & Kasey love their Daddy! They are always on top of him with a hug or kiss. And especially Lindsay, she makes sure her Daddy knows he is appreciated and loved....but then again, so does Kasey. He is forever hugging him and telling him he loves him. And what a wonderful photo to remember our Father's Day breakfast on Cumberland Knob on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Kasey, Daddy & Lindsay
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Pa, Granny & Adam

Pa and Granny seem to be enjoying themselves with their grandson Adam ...(my littlest nephew). He likes to show them "some love."
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"Adam & His Pa"

This is our father's day breakfast up on Cumberland Knob. We used to go there when we were kids and eat breakfast/lunch. We would have eggs, french toast, bacon, sausage, ham, and gravy. Yum-Yum!!! It was our favorite time up on the Blue Ridge Parkway with our Daddy and Momma. I love thinking about those times. Now to this is Granpa time!!! Adam, my sweet nephew, loves his Pa as you can see in this photo. He just wants to be in any photo with his Pa. Is this not adorable? Yes it is and he is too!!!
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Precious Memories

Precious Memories..How They Linger..How They Ever Flood My Soul!!! One day we will be flooded with memories we want to remember ...and try and forget those we will want to forget! So, unlike whatever it takes to make "wonderful" memories!
Lindsay lovin' her Granny!

Lindsay & Granny

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