Sunday, June 18, 2006

Precious Memories

Precious Memories..How They Linger..How They Ever Flood My Soul!!! One day we will be flooded with memories we want to remember ...and try and forget those we will want to forget! So, unlike whatever it takes to make "wonderful" memories!
Lindsay lovin' her Granny!

Lindsay & Granny

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Rhonda said...

You know, we never really know how precious those memories are until they are all we have. Love ya

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed the time and love you have shared in your posts. I see they mean alot to you. As a sister in the Lord I am a little concerned with what you said in this post. Maybe you could clarify it ..."unlike myself" do what it takes to make wonderful memories. YOu are making precious memories here. You are touching people...even if it is just one it is it's multiples that you will see in heaven.The only thing that we will be able to bring with us..those who we help to the Lord.
I am Morgan's mom. I was checking your stuff out as a protective mom and found your posts.