Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Where Are You Lord?

Do you ever find yourself thinking "Where Are You Lord?" ? I ask that question lots. I wonder just where is he? Is he listening? I am going through storms left and right. I am looking for you Lord. I need you now Lord. I need you every day. These storms of every day are tough and I need you. I love it when he shows up just when you don't expect it, but here lately it seems like he is making me hold out. I am very impatient and don't want to wait. But hey...that's me. I am not the patient kind of girl. To anyone who reads this...please keep me in your prayers....I need it. Thank you!!!
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Monday, May 15, 2006

"My Sweet Baby"

My sweet baby Lins....sweet...sweet...sweet!!! She has sweet feet and sweet love. I love you and could never show you just how proud I am to call you my daughter. You and your blonde locks...I love it, I love it. And the bluest eyes....the sky blue. I love them!!! I am proud of you and your accomplishments.....You will always be my "Soccer Star". Love you baby.....Momma Here she is not seeing much action....
Kicking the ball after a great catch.....
Getting ready to stop that corner kick....Go Lindsay!!!
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"It takes more than 2 to stop Kelsey....PERIOD"

It takes more than 2 to stop this girl Kelsey. She is a "spit-fire". She is very fast....too fast. When I am taking photos, it is hard to get a good one of her. She is just moving so fast. She is small, but she stands tall and tough. You can't take in enough of her. When snapping photos of her, you have to have your focus down at the goal and ready to snap on spot. Kelsey holds that special place in our hearts. Love you girl..... Posted by Picasa

By Golly...Miss Molly....Our Kayla

When it comes to fun...this girl has it all packed in ONE package. Kayla is one of a kind. I don't think I know anyone who is more fun and just so caring. She has it all. She is precious too. She was recently in a play "Annie". I enjoyed it so much. She was great in it too. She had a big part for someone who was the orphan Molly. She actually started out the show. I enjoyed this school play, but I enjoy you are special!!!
Our Kayla in action on the soccer field!!!
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Love You Cydney!!!

Cydney...I love you so!!!! You are so precious!!! Love you........
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"Hannah Banana"

Talk about is Hannah Banana!!! Hannah is our coach Billy's daughter. She keeps on...keeping on. And on she goes... At our last tournament..TCL...she was MVP. She scored and kept up the pace against everyone she came up against. Hannah is a special girl. Lindsay and her are best buds. In this photo below she was going in for the goal. Keep up the great work Hannah...we love you and are proud of you....
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