Thursday, August 03, 2006

~Friends for a Lifetime~

Of all the things we get out of life, friendship means everything. And Shane & Billy / Lindsay & Hannah have became friends, as well as Joan & I. Friendship is special. Nothing can compare when you just hit it off right away. Friendship is something you have to work at too. Calling someone your friend is special. I have many people I call my friend, but it takes that personal up-keep(as us country folks say) to be special friends. I think this friendship is for a lifetime. I can hardly wait to see what God does in our lives...may we enjoy each other for a lifetime!!! Thank you God!!! Billy * Hannah * Lindsay * Shane
A Daddy & his Best Girl - Lindsay
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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

~Wilmington: What it took to win~

There have been lots of things said about the win. What it took to win, determination to get that winning goal! Get it they did! Lindsay scored the winning goal for that game, but could not have done it without her teammates! She needed all of them to do it. It was team effort all day. Everyone helping each other ful-fill their desire to WIN!!! Kayla & Daphine
Celebration - SCORE!!!
Celebration - WIN!!!
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~More of Wilmington: Soccer~

JuliaHannah R
Are We Gonna Win This???
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~More of Wilmington: Soccer~

Bootin' It Out - Lindsay
Hannah R & Risa B
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~Cape Fear, Wilmington, NC Soccer Tournament~

Hannah R...taking control!
Hannah J...corner shot!
Getting ready for the game!!!
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~Perfect Ending~

There is no doubt that this was a
~Perfect Ending~
We won the Cape Fear Tournament U-12 Girls Division. What an ending!!! Good job girls!!! No doubt, you were the BEST!!!
1st row - Daphine, Kayla, Hannah R, Hannah J
2nd row - Lindsay, LeAnna, Emily, Julia, Risa
Coaches: Garry, Billy & Shane
*Uncle Garry*
Lindsay & Uncle Garry
~The Girls & Uncle Garry~
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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"Thanks for The Memories"

Remembering the days that have passed, it all has been good. I looked at the photos of NTSC Stokes Spirits Soccer team trip to Wilmington in May. It brought smiles and tears. Thinking about where we were and where we were going with this team...about our victories/our mistakes, our growths/our short-falls, brought about happiness and sadness. But no doubt, it brought memories. I look at these photos below and thinking about how much fun we had at the beach with *Uncle Garry*...and I have to smile. He showed us a good time while we were there. Then Billy and Joan, the parents of the house, getting in bed and making sure the girls ate well. that was surely funny. NO SLEEP!!! The girls all the first night...laughing and talking. Then came the 2nd night...Billy and Garry talking...all night...Thanks Guys!!! Shane got sleep...not me!!! But sleep wasn't important to me, what was...memories..and good ones!!! To the girls...thanks. You made that weekend fun and lively....and I love you all!!!
~Uncle Garry and his girls~
~Hannah R, Hannah J, Lindsay & Emily~
~The Girls~
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