Sunday, May 27, 2007

~Me, Being a Nana~

Being a Nana is special. I enjoy each and every day I get to see my grandson Isaac.
I love him so much. Someone asked me one day, "What's it like being a grandmother?"
I have to is wonderful. I love you Isaac James!!

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Nana & Pappa with Isaac James

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Shane likes being Isaac's Pappa. He enjoys sitting and watching him snooze or talking to him while he is cooing back. He loves his little grandson Isaac. He can't wait for him to be up and running around the house, playing ball, and doing all the little boy things they do. He says it will be a pleasure to play with it is now. Isaac is "Pappa's Boy".
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Monday, May 14, 2007

Death can be Scary

This is my precious Grandma Goins/with my uncle Doug.

From Left to mother, Mary...her sister Pansy ....and her sister Carol .

I created a book with photos of my Grandma Goins and gave it to my mother for Mother's Day.

Sometimes life is sad. I experienced death at a young age with my Grandpa Easter dying while I was 7 years old. It was a horrible experience but I survived it. I mean really while I was old enough to understand, I still was tramatized by the realization that they are coming back. Scary?? Yes, very much so for a small child. What I brought away from that though has brought me to where I am now in this life. Yes, everyone dies.....but you can choose to die and go to 2 places....Heaven or Hell. I am sad that my Grandma Goins passed away and it was too quick for me....but it was even quicker to say good-bye to all those who had gone before ....Grandpa Easter, Grandpa Goins, Grandma Easter, Paw-Paw Castevens, Paw-Paw Richmond, Jamie....who didn't even get the chance to live life...have children....and such. They all died way too early. I know one day I will see those who made that choice and where they are ...and it will be a wonderful reunion. I see Heaven as such beauty and as a mystery...and frankly, I can't wait to meet Jesus..............YEA!

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lindsay-My Blue-eyed Baby Doll

My blue-eyed baby doll is Lindsay.
She is one tough cookie.
I am so, so very proud of her.
She wrote me a letter last night and
told me she loves me. It was special
to me. I keep things that she does, as I did
with all my children. And I love my children,
but Lindsay came along at a special time in
our lives. She was very much wanted by
her Daddy, me, Kana and Kasey.
We showered her with love and kisses, and
we still do when she will let us.
Lindsay Beautiful!!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I May Look Worn and Tattered......

Ever had one of these days?? I feel like this almost every day lately. I can't get my body off and running. I look like I have been pulled through the mud every day. It is killing me. I can hardly cope with today's problems and pressures. I feel like I am on the road 24/7. Lindsay plays travel soccer so that takes up a lot of time with play and practice. Then there is the every day problems around the house. A tree blew down at our house during the 60MPH winds and ripped up the sewer lines. It is driving me mad. We can't fix it due to the health department regulations, and our next door neighbors well isn't 50 feet away. Ain't that a crazy reason to let your sewage run into the neighbors yard??? I guess....CRAZY. Then I get no sleep. I am so sleepy today. My cat had kittens and insists on bringing them in the house. She won't take no for my answer. My sister is driving me mad today about a household shower for my oldest daughter...and I can't do it now. Not only is it a cost problem, but it takes the time I do not have now. I just simply can not do it. Shane looks like death warmed over. He is so tired. I felt sorry for him in the last few days. He looks like he can't go another mile. He is worn out too. One positive.....
I love my grandson Isaac James and he has brought a new light into our lives....he is adorable. He is bringing me some joy I haven't had in a long time. I love to hear him breathe, cry, grunt ...which he does a lot of. So I may look worn and tattered....I may feel down and discouraged.....I may seem raggedy, but thank you God for one more day here on this earth to enjoy the time I have with my baby Lindsay, Kana, Kasey, Isaac James and mostly with my husband Shane...the love of my life.