Monday, May 14, 2007

Death can be Scary

This is my precious Grandma Goins/with my uncle Doug.

From Left to mother, Mary...her sister Pansy ....and her sister Carol .

I created a book with photos of my Grandma Goins and gave it to my mother for Mother's Day.

Sometimes life is sad. I experienced death at a young age with my Grandpa Easter dying while I was 7 years old. It was a horrible experience but I survived it. I mean really while I was old enough to understand, I still was tramatized by the realization that they are coming back. Scary?? Yes, very much so for a small child. What I brought away from that though has brought me to where I am now in this life. Yes, everyone dies.....but you can choose to die and go to 2 places....Heaven or Hell. I am sad that my Grandma Goins passed away and it was too quick for me....but it was even quicker to say good-bye to all those who had gone before ....Grandpa Easter, Grandpa Goins, Grandma Easter, Paw-Paw Castevens, Paw-Paw Richmond, Jamie....who didn't even get the chance to live life...have children....and such. They all died way too early. I know one day I will see those who made that choice and where they are ...and it will be a wonderful reunion. I see Heaven as such beauty and as a mystery...and frankly, I can't wait to meet Jesus..............YEA!

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Anonymous said...

Hi i searched for the day my heart died.. and to my surprised it shows your message. I read your profile and all. WHat can you do when ones heart dies? like my own has so many years who can heal a dying heart?when you know that the only healing comes from above that only God can heal your heart just like King David had sinned, He could only be healed by God. When will that happen? will it ever happen? or do you go thru life in hopes that one day your heart lives but only to awake every day with a shatter spirit which keeps ones heart dead, Just as Paul wrote I die daily to myself but in his dying it was of the flesh to keep the spirit anew. but where is the refreshing