Friday, March 10, 2006

Our Family "HERO" Joe Dewey Richmond

In every family there is a family "HERO" and in ours it's Joe Dewey Richmond. He is my husband's uncle. He was in the Navy and is a brother to Shane's mother along with the other 6 siblings. In 1980 when I met Shane, Joe was the one everyone talked about. I remember how they held him in the "highest" esteem. And why not, he was the coolest uncle and he served his country by joining the Navy. He was a handsome man. Not only that, he had a Ford truck to die with a roll bar in the back and a set of wheels that not only shined, but put it high up in the air. Soon it will be 27 years since he departed this old earth to be home with his heavenly father...and least, we need to never forget what he meant to us and to hold him dear to our hearts for FOREVER! Til we see thee again....Gods Speed Dear Joe.
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Rhonda said...

How I wish I had known him! Rhonda

Pia said...

what a nice tribute. be blessed. =)