Sunday, March 18, 2007

"Isaac & his Great-Grandmother Maw-Maw"

Maw-Maw & Isaac....on his Birth Day!

She said he brings "Great Joy" to her life.

There will be lots of "Rocking" going on here!!!

Little Isaac came along when there wasn't much joy in our lives. He brings a new beginning in this chapter of life, in our family story. I see great things going on with him here....he has no idea what love we have for him. How could he??? He is way to new to know that. Look at the love she has for him. You can see the love in her eyes... Is that not wonderful? He will know one day what joy he had brought to us. I am going to make sure he knows he was loved........and forever will be LOVED!!!

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Christal said...

Hi Karen, I am a folklore student in Louisiana and am writing a paper on the nickname "Maw-Maw." Is your family from the Louisiana region or is Maw-Maw a common nickname for grandmother in NC? Please email a response ( Thank you and best of luck with the little one.