Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My daughter, how I miss you so. I haven't seen you in over 2 months. I dream about you, think about you, imagine about you all the time. My heart is filled with sorrow, my eyes filled with many tears. I am beginning to forget what you look like. I have to look at photos to remember your features. My heart is in pain. I love you so much. I wish you would see us. Let us love you as we are your family. I don't want to be out of your life. I want to be close to you as we once were. You Daddy can't hardly make it each day. He prays and cries out to God for hope.
We love you Kana and hope that God will heal us all in some way.


Pia said...

happy thanksgiving, karen!!!

Pia said...

i'm so sorry you are in pain. God knows and He sees it. He will make a way.

Corry said...

I sympathize and empathize, but God has ways and it will happen in His time!


God's Grace

Jesika Harmon said...

Keep up the prayers because they will be answered! You are so strong Karen!