Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chapel Hill Moon

Life in Chapel Hill is complex. I can't tell you how much....just have to experience it.
That seems so small when looking up. I saw this beautiful moon while going to a
East Chapel Hill High School Soccer meeting for Lindsay. I love looking up to the sky
talking to the Lord...most of the time, crying to the Lord. But none the less looking up
and seeing what all God has made. I am so in awe at the works his hands have created.
He made this Moon just for me. So I can look up and see his work. Don't forget the
beautiful tree top....oh how beautiful. Thank you Lord for the Moon, Sky, Tree Top, Eyes, but
most of all Lord, thank you for bestowing upon my life all your wonderful blessings.
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Jesika Harmon said...

I miss NC!! Thank you for reminding me of all the wonderful things God gives us. He is so good and teaches us things that make us better if we choose to learn. I wish I could come down the hall and give you a hug! Say hey to your husband and Lindsay!