Saturday, September 10, 2005

"My Little Girl"

Kana Posted by Picasa

From the moment I first held you
And rocked you to sleep
In my heart I knew
A child is never yours to keep
I knew one day you'd learn to fly
But I never dreamed what I'd feel inside
As I have walked the last walk in life
With my little girl
And now with the woman
Who's found her place in the world
I see the woman in you
But for my whole life through
You'll always be my little girl
You wrapped me around your little finger
Your smiles made me melt
I wished so many times
I could have told you what I felt
From your first steps to sweet sixteen
The rush of memories feels like a dream
Kana - You'll always be my little girl!!!

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Rhonda said...

Looking back, I was so young myself, but I never thought of Kana as a grown woman. Now there is no denying how beautiful she is. Thinking of my children being "grown" scares me to death. I hope that whatever storms they must go through I can be there to help pray them through it. I know that I will hurt for them. But sometimes God still must let them go through trying times, just as we have.