Thursday, September 08, 2005

We want to be "Our Own Power Source"

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I know this looks strange but you know God gives me the words to pen sometimes out of photos. I was just thinking about how my Pastor spoke one time of "us" trying to solve our own problems instead of laying it in God's hands. When I took this photo I thought of how many times I have tried to solve my own problems. I can't solve a thing though. I need to let God do what I can't do. I am crazy sometimes thinking I can work miracles...who am I??? I can't do anything without God. Who is my power source??? Who else??? GOD!!!


pia said...

i sometimes fall into that trap too. trying to solve my problems on my own. it never did. we just have to let God be God.

oh, karen, you just got spammed. you might want to try activating your word verification to stop the likes of that one on top from spreading more spams on your blog.

just a thought. =)

Corry said...

You are so right Karen. I fall for that same trap, like Pia said. Nothing good ever comes out of that. I am grateful God reminds me of that and I try to learn from it. God is mercyful:-)

God's Grace.