Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Light Side of the Moon

Here is another one of those "great" shots of the Moon. My husband Shane took this shot on a cold night while we were on our way home. His interest in space just amazes me. I have never thought about the moon, stars, planets, etc. ever!!! It is almost immediately that when he steps out of the car...his eyes go directly to the sky. He loves being challenged about anything - period. He will say, "Karen, do you know what planet that is?" and of course my reply is always WRONG!!! I can't get it right no matter what. I guess interests in space and planets just didn't come along that well for me. I don't like to do science projects, so if anyone has to do it...I pray it will be Shane. I am just not that keen on discoveries. I am interested in the stars and moon and planets and how they look, but that is about the "JEST" of it!!! Posted by Picasa

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