Monday, July 31, 2006

"Seeing The Beauty Within"

My friend Julie (in Nova Scotia,Canada) recently sent me photos of her flower garden below.I thought about how God sees us. He don't look for outside beauty. He looks for the beauty in our heart, what is inside. I try and do what is God's will, be a loving, caring person...trying to reach out to others in love and understanding. I want to be a good witness, and at times that is hard. I am human.
I make mistakes. I don't like to make mistakes,
but I do. I am learning that when God is speaking, I need to be hearing.
I need to keep my mouth shut, and just let God speak to me, not me speak. In Proverbs Chapter 15, Verse 3 says "The eyes of the LORD are in every place,beholding the evil and the good. So, God knows my heart. He knows me. And I know him too!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures with me Julie...Love ya!!!

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Pia said...

isn't God amazing?