Wednesday, June 01, 2005

"Ants, Ants, Everywhere"

Ants Posted by HelloI am trying to get over it....ants! It is driving me batty! I have 100 zillion ants everywhere at work. I don't exactly understand why either. I don't eat at my desk. I have stopped drinking anything at my desk too. I see so is literally driving me bats!!! I got to work today and there they were...on my desk, on my phone, on my computer, on my keyboard. I decided I was not going to work there...and especially today. My nerves can't take it. My body doesn't want them around either. I itched all day. I sprayed a half bottle of Windex on them. I kilt fast as I saw them. My hair is literally falling out because of it. I scratched all day. I am going nuts. I told my boss about them 2 weeks ago...and she didn't call the pest control until today....for goodness sakes!!!!!! Well, they came out and are supposed to be back tomorrow. And I have made up my pest work!!! I will not stay there tomorrow....I will leave. Ants carry diseases. Ants bite!!! Ants stink. And last but not least...........Ants are driving me nuts!!! Get the picture????

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Corry said...

Eww...we had them in the kitchen, crawling over the counter, in the sink. Yuck! Whole bataljons marched in a black line up and down. I am sorry to say, but we used chemical weapons:-)

God's Grace.