Thursday, June 02, 2005

"Daddy, Where Would I be if the Plane had Crashed?"

This photo is of Lindsay and our pastor, Larry R. Phillips. She was baptized recently. This is that same little girl whom was afraid of where she would spend eternity if the plane crashed. She waited until she fully understood about being baptized. She got saved around 5 years she waited 6 years so she would understand. She gave her testimony on this night....and I don't think there was a dry eye in the church. Posted by Hello

My children got the chance of a lifetime for all kids, and that was to go to Disney World for 8 days. And they were so excited. My sister invited them, and paid practically their whole entire trip....except for airfare. I made my small contribution of doing that!!! Anyway, here was an 8 day trip for them to enjoy...away from us-Daddy and Momma. We watched as they flew off into the sunset. I am sure she thought about the plane ride as just okay...she was just so little. Who would ever have thought what she would be thinking? She had asked things about Jesus...but we never thought she was worried or concerned at her age. But on the day Lindsay returned, she was quiet. She got into the van and started asking questions. So when we returned home she and her Daddy went into the bedroom to get ready for bed. But it was back to questions. Her first question was, "Daddy, Where would I be if the plane had crashed?" What a question! He tried to reassure her but wanted her to know the truth. He told her if the plane crashed and she had Jesus in heart ...she would go to heaven. He then preceded to tell her about how to be saved. She accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior at that very moment. She was a scared little girl before but now was calm and assured in her salvation. She didn't want to wait another day to accept Jesus. She didn't want to spend eternity in hell. She wanted life with Jesus. And I remember the look on her face before going to bed. It was a face of not being afraid to die. Her face showed the peace only Jesus can give. I am so thankful as a mother that my child does not have to face that decision any longer. She can rest assured she is going home to be with God. Nothing is more important than knowing your assurance with Christ. Nothing!!!

Note: I had previously written this blog...but I deleted it by accident last night...trying to do the meantime, here is a photo to go along with this blog.

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