Saturday, June 04, 2005

"Peace During A Storm"

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It is amazing how God shows us peace in nature. I didn't really think about this situation with this baby bird until later on. This baby robin fell out of his nest and our cat, Courage, decided he was gonna have it for a snack. But the parents, plus other robins came in and did a swoop down on our cat. It didn't scare him, but I was upset for that baby. He was breathing hard and scared. We got a box and put the baby robin in it. He hopped on the side as seen in the photo. He seemed at peace with his decision. I thougt about how God gives us peace during trying times. I know he is there during the storms, even when we don't think so...and gives us the courage for hope. Our parents and friends may come to the rescue, but it is God who gives us everlasting peace. We need to seek God for peace during our storms. Thank you to my Pastor and Kevin for reminding me. Posted by Hello

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Corry said...

God will not give us more then we can carry and He also gives us all we need to carry us through. I think it is mostly in the good times that we fail to thank Him for all His blessings.

God's Grace.