Thursday, May 26, 2005

"Baby Doll"

This is Lindsay at a game in February. She was playing "Goalie". Look at those legs!!! She is a natural-born athlete. She is my baby doll. Posted by Hello


Corry said...

Yup...she sure is!

She reminds me of my oldest. She wanted to take karate when she was 5 and didn't even know what it was haha! But she did it and kept it up for about 14 years. She was good at it too. Same kind of legs, Athlete's!

Mom's pride and joy:-)

God's Grace.

tomorrows up to me said...

Reminds me of my daughter too. She will be playing field hockey and basketball at college in the fall.
Lindsay looks like she may follow in her footsteps!

lak said...

Hey Karen

She is awesome..Danielle and I really want to come see her play..We will get there eventually. Danielle says she wants to try to play but I am not sure she can handle all the running around because she is so tiny. She gets so out of breath just playing....See ya at lunch..