Thursday, May 26, 2005

Is Depression a Sin?

Often I wonder if depression is a sin. Is it? I had thought about asking my pastor about that subject before. I don't want to sin. I don't truly. And if depression is a sin....I'm sinning. It says in Psalms 9:10 "And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, LORD, hast not forsaken them that seek thee." So, if I put my trust in him then I should not be depressed? I do put trust in him, but I can't help it if my heart aches. So what do I do to stop the depression I have? I pray that God will take away these feelings that I have. I know only I can do something about my attitude with his help, but God can do all. Psalm 18:2 states -"The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower. " If this is so, and it is, then why do I have the feelings I have? I am 100% sure that the Lord is my deliverer......MY strength.....then what is holding me back in 100% trusting in him to deliver me from my dark depression? Is it my fear? What do I have to fear if God is going to bring me out of the darkest of deep despair? I just don't understand! I just don't understand why! And lastly, I just don't understand why he can't turn it around now! Why Lord?? Why?? I am not supposed to ask him why? Why not? I could sleep for days. I am that sleepy at this very moment....and I know it is depression that I am fightning. I want to be "free" from fear! I don't want to fear any longer. I want to trust that God will deliver my child out of bondage....from her own wickedness. I want to never fear that God isn't big enough to help her out of this situation. I plead with you God, I beg, please....please.... Help her....Help me. I don't want to cry out any longer. I want this to end...just end!!! Keep her safe Lord. Keep her out of the danger that lurks out there to take her out of your will. She don't know she needs you. She needs to be in your will. She needs to be in your house and in your word. I ask you dear Lord...again I come to you in prayer. Amen.


Corry said...

Hey Karen,

I think you are doing great, trusting God, asking, seeking and praying. He hears!

Depression is a state you find yourself in when you know you have to do something that you actually don't want to do. That is what I learned. Only you can know what that might be.

Our prayers are with you.

God's Grace.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Yes. Well, he was my best friend too. We went through school together. I went into the Army during the Korean War and he went into the Air Force. He had dated (my wife now) her all the way through school but when he went into the AF he told her to date as he would be dating in Wyoming. So when I walked into the restaurant where she was seated with a friend I asked her to go to the next town for some special ice cream. She did. And I gave her a diamond on April Fool's Day. We were married in July 1955. I was home on emergency leave so it was all an accident

tomorrows up to me said...

Hi Karen,
Depression is not a sin. It's a feeling. A God given feeling.There are many feelings...hunger, sorrow, joy, excitement,anxiousness,etc. They are not sins. Sometimes what we do with these feelings can be sin. But I think a feeling is trying to tell you something. If you are hungry, you eat. If you are sorrowful, you cry. If you are joyful, you smile.
All these feelings can lead to sin. But being as they are God given, I think they are meant for our good. To tell us when to eat, to savor the good times,to mourn loss, etc.
My husband and I run a christian program called DivorceCare. One whole session is on depression.
Try and get a hold of it, if you can(the depression), by trying to come up with active things you can do to help the situation. If you can't come up with any, try to come up with something you can do for yourself, and give yourself permission to "detach" from the problem for a specific amount of time.(say 24 hours) Use that time to pamper you, and if thoughts of the problem creep in, push them out. Don't even pray about it for that amount of time.(God knows whats on your heart anyway!)Also calling a friend helps!! (hint,hint!)

lak said...

Hey Karen,

Wow, I don't know who "Tomorrow's Up To Me" is but they think like I do. I was reading your entry and I starting thinking the same thing. It isn't depression that is the sin, it is what you do with it that could possibly be the sin..I don't think praying to God to help you not be depressed is the answer...Rather pray to Him to help you handle the depressed feelings in His will...Love ya, God Bless and I pray for you and your family daily and I think you do mine.