Monday, May 30, 2005

A Little Thorn Can Cause Such Suffering

Thorns that prick the heart can be painful. They can cut right down to the very middle of your heart, causing you to bleed bad. The thorn don't even have to be "big". They can be small thorns. I have been by the biggest rose bush, only to be pricked by the small thorn. That is the way it can be in life. Lots of times the smallest problem can be the big problem. Sometimes with sin, the smallest of sin can make us miserable. Pain of the heart can be regretful. You could do something to hurt someone deeply, and never be able to restore that heart. Don't do something you can't fix. It would be better to do or say nothing, than to hurt someone beyond repair. It can cost you a lifetime of blessing. There is a price to pay for our choices. Are you ready to pay for your choices? Let God lead your life. Do what is pleasing to God. Obey God.

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Corry said...

Hey Karen,

That is a nice family you have:-)

You are so right!
Small or big, a sin is a sin. No, what is done can not be made right, but you can repent and go to the person you hurt and confess and ask their forgiveness, as well as God's. Sometimes knowing how they have been wronged and why gives them what they need to resolve their feelings. And you don't have to live with the guilt. And the other way around.

God's Grace.